Stavroula F. Tsinorema


Office: 106
Office hours: Tuesday 16.30-17.30, Wednesday 12.30-13.30
Phone: 28310 77218

Curriculum Vitae

Stavroula Tsinorema is Professor of Modern & Contemporary  Philosophy and Bioethics,  Director of Studies of the Joint Graduate Programme “Bioethics” ( and Director of the Centre for Bioethics of the University of Crete.  She has acted twice as Head of the Department of Philosophy and Social Studies, as Head of the Division of Philosophy of the same Department, and Director of Studies of the Joint Graduate Programme “Philosophy: Science, Values & Society”. She holds a First Class Honours Degree in Philosophy from the Department of Philosophy, University of Athens, followed by an M.A. in Moral and Social Philosophy from the University of Exeter  (UK)  and  a Ph.D. in Moral Philosophy  from the same University.

Before coming to Crete, she taught at the University of Ioannina, Greece. She has held visiting posts/fellowships  at the Universities of Leeds, Pittsburgh (Center for Philosophy of Science, A.K. Mellon Foundation Fellowship),  Oxford, (St. John’s College), Texas at Austin, USA,  University of London (Institute of Philosophy Fellowship  2009).

She holds the post of  Unesco  Ethics  Expert  Database  Division of Ethics of Science and Technology, Social and Human Sciences Sector;  and European Commission expert database for the research framework programmes.

She is a member of the Editorial Board of the academic journals: International Studies in the Philosophy of Science, and  Deucalion: Biannual Journal for Philosophical Research and Critique

She has published in moral and social philosophy, bioethics, epistemology,   philosophy of language and philosophy of mind. Her research interests focus on the epistemology of value-concepts, methodological and epistemological issues in bioethics, Kant and Bioethics, autonomy and principle-based ethics, normativity and rule-following, theories of rationality, naturalism in epistemology and meta-ethics, moral constructivism and realism, ethics of science.  Her publications also include comparative studies in “analytic’ and “continental” philosophy.

She is co-editor of Philosophy and the Many Faces of Science, Rowman and Littlefield Publishers, 1998; co-editor of  Themes in Bioethics, Crete University Press, 2013 (in Greek); author of  Language and Critique.  Wittgenstein on  Meaning, Knowledge and  Values,  Liberal Books, 2014 (in Greek). 

She has served as a  member of the National Council for Research and Technology of the Greek Ministry of Development (2008-9).  She sits on the Committee on Bioethics and the Ethics of the Sciences, and  the Committee on Human Rights of  Fédération Internationale des Sociétés de Philosophie. She is a member of the National Committee for Deontology for Clinical Trials of the Greek National Organization for Medicines of the Ministry of Health (2010- ),  member of the University of Crete Research Ethics Committee (2013-), and member of the Bioethics Committee of Institut Pasteur Hellenique (2016- ).